All our cocktails made with Engine, the 100% organic Italian gin, are inspired by freedom, by courage and by the motor that ignites the desire to go that extra mile: a sip of healthy craziness.

The same craziness, the same courage, the same need for freedom that moves drivers and iconic figures of global motorsports in doing what they do everyday: driving and making us dream.

So here’s our selection of Engine Gin branded cocktails, born by the union of the world of motors with mixology elements. The alchemy that gave birth to distillation.

Sit down and buckle up. And be ready to exceed all your bounds. Ready to drink an Engine drink?

Fuel the dream. And never drink and Drive.

GT Engine Cocktail
GT stands for Gin & Tonic but also for Gran Turismo, an automobile category that is still produced today by some leading brands: Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley.

Our drink is mixed with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water and garnished with the basis ingredient of Engine: sage.

50 ml – Engine Gin
100 ml – Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water

Garnish: Sage leaf
Serve in the Engine tall cup.

N stands for Negroni, one of the most known and revisited cocktails.
From mixology, directly to the world of tuning. The N stands also for NOS, the nitrous oxide systems made famous by the movie Fast & Furious and installed in the custom cars of tuners all around the world.

30 ml – Engine Gin
30 ml – Red Vermouth
30 ml – Bitter Aperitivo liquor

Garnish: Sage leaf, lemon zest
Serve in the Engine short cup.

DB Engine Cocktail
DB stands for Dick Bradsell, legendary barman and inventor of the famous Bramble cocktail. But stands also for David Brown, legendary owner of Aston Martin whose initials are still used today to identify the English brand’s sport cars.

40 ml – Engine Gin
15 ml – Crème de Mûre des Pères Chartreuse
15 ml – Fresh lemon juice
10 ml – Sugar syrup

Garnish: Lemon slice
Serve it in a Old Fashioned glass, full of crushed ice.

S&S Engine Cocktail:
S&S is the manufacturer of motors for the world’s biggest chopper makers. Characterised by high power and large cylinders, these motors are very popular in the world of American bikes. The double S is also the acronym of the legendary Singapore Sling, invented in the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. A meeting of great personalities, strongly rough and proudly elegant at the same time.

50 ml – Engine Gin
15 ml – Cherry brandy
1 dash – Dom Benedictine
15 ml – Triple Sec
70 ml – Fresh pineapple juice
20 ml – Lime juice
3 drops – Aromatic bitter

Mix it in the shaker, serve it in the tall Engine glass.

R75 Engine Cocktail

Drink experimentations with Champagne bubbles and sparkling cocktails are returning fashionable.

R75 is more than a drink. Is a tribute to the past. A tribute to the legendary – and just renewed – model 75 by Alfa Romeo. The car that made the history of the Italian brand.

50 ml – Engine Gin
15 ml – Fresh lemon juice
15 ml – Sugar syrup
10 ml – Acqua Bianca liquor
Topping – Champagne or Spumante (traditional method)

Mix it in the shaker. Filter with the double strain.
Serve it in a Martini glass with an ice cube.
Garnish: lemon zest

SMcQ Engine Cocktail
The legendary image of Steve McQueen is inseparably tied to the world of motors. Cars, motorbikes, aircrafts. What better cocktail than a variation of the renowned Aviation to celebrate the legend?

50 ml – Engine Gin
Sweet violet infusion
15 ml – fresh filtered lime syrup
Some drops of Maraschino Cherry liquor
Some drops of sweet violet liquor

Serve it in a Nick & Norah glass.

RS Engine Cocktail
RS stands for Rennsport, an acronym for Porsche racing cars.
All of the Stuttgart based company’s sports models has always carried the RS logo.
Today all the GT2 and GT3 RS keep carrying it, including the myth laden Nurburgring.
RS are also the initials of the Red Snapper, the illegitimate brother of the queen of all cocktails: the Bloody Mary, but gin based.

50 ml – Engine Gin
100 ml – Tomato juice
10 ml – Fresh lemon juice
A sprinkle of salt, pepper and celery salt.
Some drops of Tobasco and Worcestershire sauce.

Serve in an highball glass full of ice.

The Ultimate Martini
The Ultimate Martini is the classical Martini Cocktail revisited by Salvatore calabrese, as know as The Maestro

2,5 ml – Vermouth Extra Dry
75 ml – Engine Gin

Put the ENGINE can in the freezer for 1 hour.
Do not use ice cubes but serve in an iced Martini glass.
Spray with a few drops of Vermouth.

Garnish: A sage leaf.