Engine Gin, ignite
your enthusiasm
and fuel your
roaring dreams.

Engine is the pure organic Gin made in Italy that will take you on a ride along freedom road, right towards your roaring dreams.

Engine Gin
was born in the Langhe in Piedmont, land of ancient traditions, where a virtuous natural remedy based on sage and lemon was used as a “happiness potion”.

From an ancient Piedmont “happiness potion”, today sage and lemon are reborn in Engine Gin to power up your emotions.

Today Engine Gin uses sage and lemon to shake up the ancient traditions: this is the fuel that ignites the flavour and speeds you along a rollercoaster of emotions to be lived to the full.

A combination that pays tribute to the best Italian liquor tradition, homeland of important liqueurs and cordials.

The vivacious spirit and bold character, resulting from the decisive flavour of the sage and the freshness of the lemon, make Engine Gin a distillate of exceptional character.

The transparency and brightness, slipping over the ice and making a uniquely perfumed cocktail, emanating the desire to travel through time, in every dimension, at full speed.

Directly from the Engine Gin workshop, a mix of 100% pure organic botanicals that will make you whizz around the taste racetrack.

The wheat alcohol and alpine water base is the foundation from which balsamic perfumes of juniper stand out alongside an elegant Damascena rose flower undertone, complemented by the fresh notes of lemon peel and the intense aroma of sage.
Upon tasting, Engine Gin maintains an optimum correlation between taste and perfume, with a lightly bitter final note conferred by the sage leaves,
At the end, the sweetness of the liquorice root provides a perfect balance.

The distillate is bottled in a patented packaging inspired by the fascinating world of engines.
Engine Gin, fuel the dream.


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